VMP Design energy efficient house is a project that we started of 2014. The basic idea is to build a brand new 21st century stone house, which by its architecture respect all the rules of traditional architecture in the region where will be constructed . Through reconstruction of the stone houses that we working for years under our own brand VMP Design, we have learned a lot from our ancestors who built stone houses that we reconstructed . The value of their mode of construction is unnecessary doubt. The fact that these houses are old more than 100 years and that are constructive and static still persistent, speaks for itself. It took just gather their knowledge of construction and apply it to a century later, to adapt it to the new house, and the modern way of living, what we have already done in our reconstructions.

Furthermore , we believe that the new house , which is usually a holiday home may not be oversized, which makes it expensive. That’s why we designed the house of 80 m2 gross, and use every inch of space, during which we took care of energy efficiency , functionality and use of renewable energy. Another advantage of this house is that it can adapt to the needs of the client and increase, without compromising architectural harmony.


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